Meet Xanthe

Hello, my name is Xanthe. My day in the Pre-Prep is very busy. Mummy says goodbye and gives me my book bag which I put inside my desk.

Then, I might do some reading or get my jotter out and write some sentences. Then, I go to assembly and we talk about things that happen in school and some children get a Good Works Certificate. We have our snack and then we play outside, climbing on the equipment. After Maths, we have RE, lunch, playtime and Art in the afternoon. I love doing all the activities here and at Beach School we build shelters or an Egyptian mummy.

At lunchtime, I chat to my friends and eat yummy, scrummy food. We normally have sponge for pudding and I love eating the nice bread. After lunch, it is playtime. We play Capture the Dragon and sometimes football, which is great.

I like doing Art, Science and Geography. I do lovely art with Mrs Mansell. I’ve made a story about the polar animals and I’ve made a penguin out of a water bottle.

Maths is great but I do find it a little tricky. I like English too and my favourite topic in History is the Ancient Egyptians. One time, Mrs Mansell and Miss King pretended to be the people who look after the Ancient Mummies – did you know they used to put a stick up their noses to get the brains out?!

My buddy is in Year 8 and she is fantastic. She holds my hand going into Cathedral for assembly and says hello to me at school.

When I’m older I would like to be an artist or a composer. And (Xanthe whispers) I want to be a Secret Agent but don’t tell anyone because it’s a secret. If you tell someone, everyone will know!


Beach School

Our younger children in the School enjoy regularly trips to the seaside thanks to our official status as a Beach School and it is a pivotal element of our outdoor education philosophy.
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