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Hi, I'm Otis and I'm one of the Choristers here at The Prebendal School. I'm very proud to be a Chorister because I feel this experience is giving me a head start in life. It is hard work but worth every moment.

A typical day for me is getting up at 7am and then having breakfast. At 7:40am, we have our first music practice of the day. We have Choir practice on two mornings at 8:15am and the other three are normal days with Form periods and school assemblies. We have lessons until lunchtime as well as Games and then on three nights of the week we have Evensong. Afterwards, we come back from the Cathedral to have supper. Then, it's time for Prep, a little bit more music practice and bed time is 9pm to 9:15pm.

I really like English at school because I enjoy creative writing. I also enjoy Latin as it links many languages together - here at The Prebendal we learn Latin from Year 6 onwards. Mathematics is also a favourite subject as it concentrates my mind and I'm trying hard to get into the top group!

Aside from being a Chorister, I play the piano and cornet. I'm also teaching myself to play the guitar. I take part in Brass and Piano Concerts at school which are really good fun.

I'm very proud to be part of The Prebendal community and I'm hoping to achieve a Music Scholarship to Seaford College. I'm not sure yet what I would like to be when I'm older - perhaps a property developer, a lawyer or something to do with design as I find all these areas very interesting.

"The Prebendal is like a home from home - it's a really inspiring and nurturing place." Otis


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