Prebendal Young Writer of the Year 2017

Posted on: 12 Apr 2017

Congratulations to all those who entered our Young Writer of the Year competition and a special awards ceremony was held to announce the winners on Friday 23rd June 2017.

Children in school Years 3-6 were asked to submit an original fictional short story of no more than 600 words. Entries were judged on originality, story structure, characterisation and imaginative use of language.

Here are the results for 2017:

Year 3 Winner | Story by Red Heaume
Year 3 Runner-Up | Subterranean Adventure by Matilda Stone
Year 3 Shortlisted | Evie Harper-Colman & Evie Taylor

Year 4 Winner | Teacher's Pet by Anthony Harvey
Year 4 Runner-Up | The Boy with the Magical Brooch by Emily McGrath
Year 4 Shortlisted | Summer Barker-Wills, Olivia Dickens & Laetitia Nickols

Year 5 Winner | How to Wrestle the Sea by Lucca Drake
Year 5 Runner-Up | The Dream by Isobel Clines
Year 5 Shortlisted | Oliver Davidson, Beth Evans, Jules Gaudion & Jessica Hookway

Year 6 Winner | The Pearl by Ana Clarke
Year 6 Runner-Up | One Too Many Cats by Sadie Woodsell & Addicted to Eternity by Theodore Smith
Year 6 Shortlisted | Tom Harley & Eloise Nickols

"I'm continually impressed by the amazing creativity of young writers. With this competition, we wanted to encourage children to get writing and see where it took them." Robert Brittain, Head of English, The Prebendal 


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