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Emerging Players

Here at The Prebendal we run a series of after school training sessions for high level sport performers.

These sessions are known as the Emerging Players Programme, or EPP, and in theory is the start of a pathway towards children achieving Sports Scholarships to senior independent schools.

The rationale behind making it exclusively for 'top end' sports performers is that we want to give these high performing sports players the chance to learn from one another and challenge each other to become the best they can be in an elite sporting environment. During the Michaelmas Term, there are EPP sessions for Football, Rugby and Netball.

Any Prebendal Prep School pupil can be selected providing they meet the set criteria:

* They play for a club/will join a club outside of school for their sport.
* They can demonstrate a high level of skill for their sport.
* They have ambition to learn and improve rapidly.

The EPP sessions take place after school on various evenings depending on the sport. There is no cost for participating in these sessions. If they aren't already part of an outside club, then they will be expected to join one as soon as possible. Children are expected to attend every session. If they are injured, then they are still expected to attend as some sessions will include theory aspects.

For any further questions about our EPP sessions, please contact our Director of Sport, Mr Munt, by emailing

Sport For All

Our playing fields are in an enviable location in the centre of Chichester for all our pupils to enjoy Games sessions, matches, team-work & camaraderie!
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