Our Sessions & Fees

Pelicans is open from 7am until 7pm giving families plenty of choice for sessions to suit their busy lives. Take a look below at our dates, sessions & fees.

2021-2022 Term Dates Holiday Dates
Autumn 1 6th Sep-16th Oct 16th Oct-31st Oct
Autumn 2 1st Nov-10th Dec 13th-17th Dec & 3rd-5th Jan
Lent 1 6th Jan-18th Feb 21st Feb-25th Feb
Lent 2 28th Feb-1st April tbc
Summer 1 25th Apr-28th May 30th May-3rd June
Summer 2 6th Jun-9th Jul tbc


Term Time Session Drop-Off Pick Up Cost
Breakfast Club 7am-8am 7am-7:15am N/A £6.50
Morning Session 8am-1pm 8am-8:15am 1pm-1:15pm £45 (inc. lunch)
Afternoon Session 1pm-4:15pm 1pm-1:15pm 4:15pm-4:30pm £25
Chill Zone 4:15pm-5:15pm N/A 5:15pm-5:30pm £5
Supper Club 5:15pm-7pm N/A 6:45pm-7pm £8.50


Holiday Time Session Drop-Off Pick Up Cost
Early 7am-8am 7am-7:15am N/A £6.50
Morning 8am-1pm 8am-8:15am 1pm-1:15pm £35 (inc. lunch)
Afternoon 1pm-4:15pm 1pm-1:15pm 4:15pm-4:30pm £25
Late 4:15pm-7pm N/A Flexible £11.50

The earliest a child can attend Pelicans is the beginning of the term in which they turn three years old. Children are also required to be dry. Our goal at Pelicans is to ensure the children are Reception-ready and places are secured with a £50 returnable deposit. You can find out more about the sessions, fees and other information by downloading the documents in the Document Zone below.

Early Years Funding

We offer the Universal Free Entitlement funding over a maximum of 38 weeks. A maximum of 15 hours per week over a minimum of two days, and 10 hours in a single day can be claimed to cover the same number of hours in the Nursery. This is currently available for six school terms, starting in the term after the child's third birthday; some or all of their time in Reception might therefore be supported by this funding, where it can be used to cover breakfast and after school sessions during the term and holiday clubs in the holidays.

We can only claim a term's funding for eligible pupils attending the school at the start of any particular term and on receipt of the parents' completed Application Form.

Moving onto Reception

Before the start of their child's Summer Term prior to their Reception year, parents will be asked to confirm whether their child will progress into Reception at Prebendal. This marks the start of termly school fees which are payable before the first day of term.

Recognising their time in Nursery, a discount is offered against the first six terms after the child's eligibility for EYF expires. This discount is worth 5% for each full term (at least 90% of the days) they spend in Nursery. This is therefore worth up to 30% over two years.


Beach School

Our younger children in the School enjoy regularly trips to the seaside thanks to our official status as a Beach School and it is a pivotal element of our outdoor education philosophy.
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