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Have you ever ever ever? This month's Nursery blog is all about our trips to the Library. 

Situated opposite Chichester Library, The Prebendal Nursery is fortunate enough to have a storytime visit every other week. Sharing books from an early age directly impacts children's later attainment and outcomes and we can't stress enough the importance of building in these opportunities for early reading as part of a daily routine.

At Chichester LibraryFostering a love of stories and rhymes forms the backbone of our nursery curriculum, and this term our specific literacy focus is reading.

Our library visits not only support children to understand more about their local community and services available to them, but they help them achieve expected age development milestones.


  • I can join in with my favourite stories and guess what will happen next
  • I know that stories have beginnings and endings and sometimes I guess how the story will end
  • I can listen to longer stories and talk about them
  • I can talk about the places and people in stories and the important things that are happening
  • I like to look at the pictures and words in books and I can show you words when we are outdoors
  • I can recognise my own name and words that are special to me like 'Mummy' and my favourite shops and foods
  • I hold the book the right way up and turn the pages carefully when I look at it on my own
  • I know that books can tell me things like the names of cars I am interested in
  • I know that the words in the book tell me things and where the words start on the page.

"Each of our children has their own library card, and learns to take responsibility and care of the books by taking out and returning them independently."

Library visits help the children manage their feelings and behaviour, learning which behaviours are appropriate for a specific setting. All the children understand the need to be considerate to other people and look after the resources.

In November, West Sussex Library Service is holding bedtime story sessions where children are encouraged to go in their pyjamas with a torch to listen to a story. I think they'll be a lot of fun!

Miss Cook
Prebendal Nursery Teacher

Here are the sessions for under 7s:
Friday 9th November 2019 - Selsey - 4pm-5pm
Tuesday 13th November 2019 - Witterings - 4pm - 4:30pm
Tuesday 13th November 2019 - Chichester - 5:30pm - 6pm
Monday 26th November 2019 - Southbourne - 4pm - 4:30pm


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