Here at The Prebendal School, we are keen to support pupils who want to really push the boundaries of their knowledge, critical and interdisciplinary thinking, philosophy and high-order questioning skills.

Quadrivium is our programme of academic excellence for all pupils in Years 6-8. Once a week, pupils are grouped vertically and challenged with sessions appropriate to their stage. These sessions, which may be led by staff, parents or a visiting speaker, are designed to broaden their perspectives, raise aspirations, and encourage them to think and articulate their ideas.

Sometimes these sessions will consist of a particular challenge or problem to solve. Parents who wish to come and speak to the children about their careers, or any topic about which they are particularly knowledgeable, are warmly encouraged to share their experiences with the pupils.

Our view is that education should be so much richer than simply the ingestion of information. Quadrivium ensures that pupils are given every opportunity to develop skills that will equip them for an uncertain world, and a job market that will be very different from the one we have today.

Quadrivium in the Last Academic Year
We have enjoyed a vast range of sessions including a fascinating workshop with Prebendal parent architects, a visit to the Guildhall in Priory Park to explore the story of William Blake, sessions on cryptography, gender stereotypes, what is Britishness, and International Women's Day to name a few, and visits from medics, the local MP, the Bishop of Chichester, and the Chichester Four Streets Project.

The discussions and activities have given the pupils much to think about and explore. There was even a delightful opportunity to meet Rabbit, a 21 year old criollo (the native breed of Argentina) who, it was discovered, came over from Argentina on a meat boat some years previously. Since being bought by a Prebendal parent, the pony has done dressage, beach rides, loves treats, and is very happy! The children also met his friend, the lovely Zapuki.

For more information about our academics, head over to the Curriculum page.

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