Meet Charlie

Hi, my name is Charlie and I love going to The Prebendal Nursery. We do lots of fun stuff and I get to play with my friends.

Sometimes I play with the bigger boys and girls and we learn lots of things too. I eat a banana for my snack and the lunches here are yummy. I also go to the after school club which means I get to play longer!

"My teacher, Miss Cook, is really nice. I love making things in our Mud Kitchen and sometimes I make Miss Cook a cup of tea. We can't use hot water or real teabags but Miss Cook says it tastes lovely!" Charlie

I enjoy reading, counting and building things. My favourite book is called Can You Find Me?

I really like the Sound Box where we bring things in from home, put them in the Sound Box and then talk about what the things are and how they sound. My Mum and Dad let me take lots of things in. I like it when we have music, especially when I can bang a drum! At Christmas, we made decorations to hang on the tree and we used glitter. I like colouring in too and making things in class.

At Beach School, we get to play in the sand and in the sea. We go there on Fridays. Sometimes it’s cold so I wear my hat and gloves. Sometimes, we look for crabs and we see fish. We also play football and I score lots of goals! We hold hands when we walk on the beach and get to wear big green waders to paddle in the sea. We pick up shells and stones too, and talk about what we find.

At lunchtime, I play with my friends William and Jasper and sometimes the girls in my class. We like running, chasing and dinosaurs! We also play other games like ambulances, hide and seek, trains and racing cars.

When I’m older, I’m going to play tennis, golf and football and drive a crane. I might be a doctor too and listen to people’s hearts. Sometimes, I pretend to be Miss Cook in the class. She doesn’t mind, and I pretend to read to my friends. I might be a teacher instead of a doctor, or I might do both. I’m not sure yet.

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