Meet Halle

Hello, my name is Halle. My day at The Prebendal is busy but very happy. My mummy walks me to school and gives me a big hug and kiss outside my classroom door, then I walk into my classroom and my day begins.

My favourite subjects are Maths, Art and Topic work. I find Art very interesting as I love learning about different artists. Maths is really fun because I love challenging myself with tricky sums. Our current Topic, Ancient Egyptians, is really fascinating. I also really love playing football which I do in Games and at play time.

My favourite day is Friday because we have our times tables test and I also enjoy watching the tv programme in Science about aliens!

At lunchtime, I sit with my friends and eat a yummy lunch. Then, we all go out to play. I love hide and seek, it and football as well as going on the climbing equipment in the playground.

I have two Buddies in Year 7 and they are very lovely and kind. Sometimes, they join us for lunch or come to play with us - we play really great games together. On Thursdays our Buddies hold our hands as we walk into assembly in the Cathedral and we get to sit together too.

At Beach School, we make boats and cars with the sand and we speak to the fishermen to see what fish they have caught. If the weather is a bit drizzly, we make a shelter with our big tent.

When I'm older I'd like to be a vet because I love animals and want to help poorly animals get well.

Beach School

Our younger children in the School enjoy regularly trips to the seaside thanks to our official status as a Beach School and it is a pivotal element of our outdoor education philosophy.
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