Curriculum & Trips

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and shadow the National Curriculum. Both these frameworks are considerably enhanced in the classroom, with the teachers adding depth and breadth to all subjects.

Using the children’s interests as a conduit, our Early Years Curriculum introduces literacy, numeracy and science skills from an early age. A topic spanning a half or an entire term allows for cross-curricular learning.

We place real importance on, and actively encourage, creative expression. In Pre-Prep the creative pulse is especially strong, with adventurous arts projects almost always in progress. Work in this area is collaborative and the combination of vivid imaginations and hard work results in some truly wonderful and thrilling results.

Drama presents another opportunity for creative expression and all the year groups take part in the Christmas play each year.

Music is embedded in the very fabric of the school. Our youngest pupils benefit from class music lessons with the Director of Music, and by Year 2 most children are playing an instrument of choice and are beginning to perform in an orchestra.

Introducing children to the basic skills of sports from an early age helps prepare them for a healthy active lifestyle and teaches them how enjoyable and varied sports can be. All our children take part in the annual Sports Day and there are many more opportunities where sporting team-work comes to the fore.

Out & About

Our Pre-Prep children enjoy many educational outings to enhance their learning. You can also see from our Twitter feed that visits to places of interest in the City and further afield are enjoyed by all our younger children.

Our Beach School status has added a further dimension to our Pre-Prep Department and the very enjoyment of learning in an outside classroom by the sea is a joy to experience for all.

Our location makes access to Beach School an easily achieved delight – just a few minutes in the minibus and our pupils arrive at the seaside. With views of Portsmouth, the Isle of Wight and the South Downs, as classrooms go it is pretty awesome! The perfect place for curious children to learn about marine ecosystems, tides, coastal weather and how life operates on and around the beach itself, our commitment to providing unrivalled outdoor learning opportunities is realised in glorious sea-breezy abundance.

Beach School also gives children freedom and space to explore natural resources. Learning how to judge and take intelligent risks, it also gives them free rein for highly imaginative and creative play and encourages social communication, co-operation and problem solving. Incorporating cross-curricular projects, Beach School is as rich in multi-sensory experiences as it is good old fashioned fun.

A wonderful opportunity to learn, play and to develop personal skills – in particular collaboration, perseverance and resilience – our ultimate goal is to use our outdoor pursuits programme to help shape children into responsible citizens who have a lifelong appreciation of the natural world.

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