Meet Tom

Hello, I’m Tom and I really enjoy being here at The Prebendal. I particularly enjoy all the sports we play as it's great being outside.

I love Sailing and Cricket in the Summer Term, then there’s Rugby and Football in the winter and most weeks we play teams from other schools, either at home or away.

There are lots of clubs here – I do Dodgeball Club, Cricket Nets, Touch Typing Club and Rugby Club. I also love Forestry Club where we collect wood, build a bonfire and then roast marshmallows over it. We also play Manhunt in the dark and whittle sticks with our own penknives.

Sometimes, if my Mum is working late, I’ll stay at school and get my Prep done and have supper at school. My favourite food here is fish and chips and then cherry pie with cream!

Boarding is really fun – I board occasionally. There are many boarding activities such as a dramatised reading for World Book Day when everyone boarding also had hot chocolate and biscuits which was great!

There is always music being played in the School somewhere and in lessons it’s quite nice to hear someone playing an instrument. There are lots of ensembles and orchestras to be a part of. I play in the Guitar Ensemble – I especially enjoyed playing Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple in the Cathedral!

I’m not sure what I want to be when I’m older – maybe a jet fighter or a medical engineer so I’m open to inspiration!

"It's great to be part of The Prebendal community - the School is fantastic at identifying everyone's talents." Tom