Meet Mimi

Boarding at The Prebendal is a really good opportunity to become more independent. I love boarding here as we're all part of a big family and I can spend lots of time with my friends.

On a typical school day, we get up at 7am and then once we're dressed we go down to breakfast. There is a break in between morning lessons at 10:40am and then lessons continue until lunchtime. Everyone uses up their energy during the lunch break and our afternoon lessons go on until 4:30pm. The last two lessons for me are usually Games which are great opportunities for us to get out and about in the fresh air.

After school has ended, we have Prep (homework) or after school clubs. Once we have finished Prep, the boarders can go to the Common Room to chat, play games or watch television until supper.

We also have Treat Nights which are great fun! It is a weekly contest to see which dorm gets the most credits in total and then you get to watch a film. Music practice finishes around 7:15pm and then there are different bedtimes for boarders depending on how old you are.

"I think The Prebendal is a really special place where you can be yourself and you are encouraged to let your ideas grow." Mimi

I particularly like English, Science, Mathematics and Sport. I like English because of the creativity involved and the way you can express yourself in your writing. I like Science because of the experiments. Maths is fun because of all the numbers and it stretches your mind. Sport is great because running around and being outside is really good. All the teachers here are really encouraging.

I'm also quite involved in Music - I play the cello, the piano and I sing. The School involves everyone and I'm in 1st Orchestra, Senior Strings, Chamber Choir and Senior Choir which are all good ways to practice. The School wouldn't be the same without all the music events we have and I know everyone enjoys them.

I wouldn't mind being a vet or a doctor when I'm older as I like caring for people and I love animals but I'm not sure yet as there are so many opportunities in the world. The Prebendal has taught me so much and there are so many things still to learn.

It will be really sad saying goodbye to Prebendal when I leave as it is a massive part of my life and it's a real pleasure being part of something so special.


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