Our Aims

As we are the Cathedral Choir School for Chichester Cathedral, Christian values underpin all that we do and our aim is to foster the academic, physical, spiritual, social and moral development of boys and girls in a happy, caring and safe environment.

We aim to achieve this by:

  • providing high standards of teaching for all pupils
  • providing high quality of learning for all pupils
  • providing a stimulating, disciplined and caring environment in which teachers can teach and pupils can learn
  • enriching the lives of pupils by providing a balanced timetable and a range of sporting, cultural and extra-curricular activities
  • caring for the specific individual needs of all pupils
  • striving to enable all pupils to achieve their full potential 
  • supporting each other as members of a caring community.

Our Values
We believe that the quality of our pupils' learning and the atmosphere in which they spend these preparatory years will have an influence well beyond the time their schooldays are over. It is the quality of our teaching and our relationships which most influences our pupils' learning.

Every child is unique and is of equal importance. Learning flourishes in an atmosphere where a high value is placed on praise, encouragement, courtesy and consideration for others.