How To Join & Fees

Children can join The Prebendal School in any year group, depending on availability, and the earliest a child can start is the term in which they turn three years old, in our Nursery.

D8A41CF9 9723 4F79 8F02 56AB3E8A4739Please email the Head to arrange a telephone conversation or video conference in the first instance. Mrs Salmond Smith will be able to answer any sensitive questions you may have that are specific to the current situation. Naturally, parents across the world are anxious about any disruption to their child's education at the moment and, with so many other sources of worry in our lives, this need not be one of them. 


Common questions at the moment include:

  • My child has struggled with learning at home. How can we help them catch up?
  • Our family business has been closed during the lockdown and our finances are stretched. Can we afford an independent education?
  • How do you continue to deliver a top-class education remotely?
  • How can my child maintain friendships if they are not with their classmates all day?

Please be assured that you are not alone in your concerns - far from it - and we are here to do all that we can to support you.

Once our daily lives have returned to normal, the next step is to come and visit our school. This can be with or without your child/children.

Usually, after the initial visit, there is the Taster Day where your child spends a day with the pupils in his or her current year group. At the moment, for pupils currently in Year 3 and above, we are able to offer Remote Taster Days if an in-person visit to the school is not possible. This is designed to give your child the opportunity to get to know their peers, teaching staff and to familiarise themselves with the School, albeit remotely in some cases. You can choose a day that is suitable and you will be given full details of what to expect on the day. 

If your child has a particular interest, the Taster Day can be arranged on a day when this activity takes place. If you are considering boarding, we suggest two days as this allows your child to get a flavour of our boarding routine.

Children will be informally assessed. No preparation is needed and these assessments will not take the form of a formal exam. We do not believe that the pressure of a formal test is in a child's best interests, and staff have the expertise to gauge your child's ability to access our curriculum without the need for one.

For young children, babies and toddlers who are not yet old enough to join The Prebendal, we run a Toddler Group on Wednesday mornings during term-time. This is a lovely introduction to the School and is attended by both Prebendal and external families. For more information about our Toddler Group, Shake, Rattle 'n' Roll, please click here.

You may also like to read our Good Schools Guide review by clicking on the logo below:



"The Prebendal has it all – small class sizes, wraparound care for busy families, a city location, musical excellence, unrivalled personal development, a fantastic link with Chichester Cathedral and a wealth of opportunities for every child so they feel supported, secure, happy and fulfilled." Current Parent

You can access and download all the Admissions information from our Document Zone below. You can also spread the cost of school fees by contacting School Fee Plan

Offer of a Place

The Head will write to you letting you know how your child got on at the Taster Day and if all has gone well, the offer of a place will be made.

All places offered are subject to a satisfactory report from the child’s current school. At this point, the Registration Form (found inside our prospectus) should be returned along with our Registration fee which is £100. A non-returnable deposit of £300 is also payable before a pupil joins us. This is held as a credit against the final fee account.

General Admission FAQs

What time is school?
The school hours for day pupils in the Prep School (Years 3 to 8) is 08:20 to 16:30. At the end of the day, the Prep School children are ticked off. After 16:50, the children must sign themselves out prior to leaving the school. No child is allowed to go home unaccompanied without a written request to this effect being submitted to the Head. For children in the Pre-Prep (Reception to Year 2), classrooms are open from 08:15. Afternoon pick up for Reception children is 15:00 and for children in Years 1 and 2 it is 15:10.

When can my child attend The Prebendal?
The earliest a child can join The Prebendal is the term in which they turn three years old, provided they are dry. For example, if your son or daughter turns three in November, they would be eligible to join from the beginning of September. Attendance in Pelicans Nursery is flexible.

Are there after-school clubs?
Yes, there are a range of after school activities and clubs throughout the Pre-Prep and Prep School. There may be an additional charge for some of these and parents book their children in at the start of each term.

How do you recognise a pupil's achievement?
Children receive pluses in lessons and in all areas of school life. These are recorded in their Pupil Organiser and the totals accumulate each term so children can receive their Bronze, Silver, or Gold certificates of achievement. If the child has worked extremely hard, they may achieve a Head's award. Children are also recognised with Commendations in subject areas and all these certificates are awarded in our assemblies in front of the whole school.

How much homework is there?
Homework is called Prep and the children will have a varying amount depending on how old they are. There are also Prep sessions during the school day. Pupils in the Prep School (Years 3 to 8) record their Prep in their Pupil Organisers and parents should sign off their Prep each evening. Form Tutors check these Pupil Organisers on a weekly basis.

How do I get in and out of the school?
Access is via a biometric system. Anyone who is authorised to pick up or drop off pupils has their fingerprint recorded. This enables access to the school at specific times.

Where can I order the school uniform?
Our main uniform supplier is John Lewis and our sports kit supplier is JW Sports with the exception of the Prep sports bag which is available from John Lewis. We also run a second-hand uniform shop so please enquire about items from us as well.

Chorister Admissions

The Prebendal has been the choir school of Chichester Cathedral for hundreds of years. The Choristers live and learn at the School and sing almost daily in the Cathedral, maintaining the tradition of choral services for which English cathedrals are famous throughout the world.

Auditions for the Chichester Cathedral Choir may take place at any time, by appointment, if there are vacancies and children seeking a Chorister place also undertake general entrance assessments in Verbal Reasoning, English and Mathematics.

Bursaries & Scholarships

We are delighted to be able to broaden access to the School by offering means-tested financial support to eligible families. These include:

  • Bursarial Awards (means-tested for children from Years 3-8)
  • Sibling Discount
  • Music Scholarships & Exhibitions
  • Academic Scholarships
  • Choral Scholarships
  • Year 7 Scholarships
  • Former Prebendalian Discount
  • Forces Families Discount

    Full details can be found in our Bursary & Scholarships Policy below.

Parking at The Prebendal

There are several options that Prebendal parents have available to them and all cars should display a Prebendal School sticker to make use of these options. These are given to parents when they join us.

Morning Drop Off
Parking outside the School in the public parking bays (not the unauthorised bays) is free for Prebendal parents for 10 minutes. There is parking outside County Hall strictly from 08:00 to 08:30 and there is parking in the School playing fields car park from 08:05 until 08:35.

Afternoon Pick Up
Parking outside the School in the public parking bays (not the unauthorised bays) is free for Prebendal parents for 10 minutes. There is parking in the School playing fields car park from 15:10 until 16:30.

Parking for Matches, Concerts & Events
Parking outside the School on West Street in the public parking bays is free from 17:30 and the School playing fields car park is open for matches and special sporting events, such as Sports Day.


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