Concert with Europe's Largest Singing School

Posted on: 19 Oct 2018

Pupils at The Prebendal have joined forces with the German Choir Academy, Chorakademie Dortmund, for a special night of song and celebration.

The concert, which took place on Thursday 18th October 2018, also involved the world premiere of three songs written especially for the evening by the school's Director of Music, Matt Jelf.

Mr Jelf said: "The first song I wrote called 'Why Don't You Write It Down!' makes reference to Guido - the Italian church musician who invented so many things including stave notation and the 'do-re-mi' singing scale made famous in the film The Sound of Music."

"The second song, 'The Trouble with Neumes', is a fun way to introduce children to great civilisations that struggled with writing their music down. And, the third song called 'Just a Thin Red Line?' is a set of fun children's songs that explores the invention of music notation."

"The concert with Chorakademie Dortmund was a fantastic way to bring two countries and cultures together and unite them through the joy of singing."

Chorakademie Dortmund is the largest singing school in Europe with approximately 1,000 singers in 30 choirs.

One Prebendal parent said: "It was a fantastic evening - stunning complicated choral music to start with and then such humour and fun in the pieces with our children."

The Prebendal is renowned as a centre for musical excellence and nearly all pupils play one musical instrument or more. Every year, a high proportion of Year 8 pupils achieve music scholarships to a range of prestigious senior schools."

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