Inspection Reports

The Prebendal School is inspected regularly by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). 

We welcomed a team of inspectors from the Independent Schools Inspectorate to the school at the end of November. They spent three days with us and completed an EQI inspection (Educational Quality with Focussed Compliance). This is often referred to as a ‘full’ inspection, which assesses regulatory compliance against the statutory Independent School Standards as well as evaluating the educational quality of the school.

In the compliance element, the outcome is either ‘met’ or ‘not met’ against eight standards; and in the educational quality element the outcome for (i) the achievement of pupils including their academic development and (ii) their personal development is judged as either unsatisfactory, sound, good or excellent.

We are delighted to say that The Prebendal School achieved the highest possible grading in an inspection, namely met across all the eight standards as well as ‘excellent’ and ‘excellent’ in the EQI element.

The inspectors’ evaluation of our school is brimming with superlatives and I heartily encourage you to read the whole report. The Regulatory Compliance part (pages 5-7) is necessarily formulaic in relation to the framework of standards. On the other hand, the EQI evaluation (pp.8 -12) allows the inspectors a little more latitude to express the excellence they discovered whilst experiencing life at the school. These are a selection of their observations:

  • Pupils attain very highly and make typically fast rates of progress particularly when they are actively engaged in their learning.
  • Pupils exhibit advanced verbal and written communication skills.
  • Pupils’ mathematical skills and knowledge are excellent.
  • Pupils display exemplary attitudes to learning and achievement.
  • Pupils’ knowledge and understanding are very well developed for their age.
  • Choristers’ singing is of extremely high quality.
  • Pupils’ academic and non-academic achievements are outstanding
  • Pupils display outstanding spiritual and moral awareness for their age.
  • Pupils demonstrate an excellent appreciation of diversity.
  • Pupils’ social skills are of a very high quality. They collaborate extremely well, including in the choir.
  • Pupils exhibit strong self-confidence and awareness.

You can read the whole Inspection Report here.

"Pupils display exemplary attitudes to learning and achievement" - ISI Report


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