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Beach School

Our younger children in the School enjoy regular trips to the seaside thanks to our official status as a Beach School and it is a pivotal element of our outdoor education philosophy.

With an abundance of stunning coastline right on our doorstep, our children have the freedom and space to explore natural resources, judge and take intelligent risks, and be imaginative and creative.

They learn through cross-curricular projects which encourage and instil social communication, co-operation, problem solving and, most of all, an enormous amount of fun and enjoyment! They learn all about marine ecosystems, tides, coastal weather and how life operates on and around the beach itself.

Beach School offers plenty of multi-sensory experiences and this allows our children to embrace the natural elements on many levels; understanding the rhythms of nature is essential for health and well-being. It is also a wonderful opportunity for them to develop their personal skills, particularly those of collaboration, perseverance and resilience.

Ultimately, through our outdoor pursuits, we want to help develop responsible citizens who have a lifelong appreciation of the natural world and our wonderful Beach School enables us to do just that.

“Beach School is a fantastic way for children to grow in confidence and self-esteem away from the classroom.” Head, Louise Salmond Smith


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