Student Wellbeing

To instil and inspire a love of learning is one of Prebendal’s most fundamental aims. Small classes allow teaching staff to focus on the individual needs and abilities of each child, giving every pupil the very best chance of achieving their full potential.

We firmly believe in personal bests, both inside and outside the classroom.


Every student is unique, with different interests, different skills and different passions, and at The Prebendal School we treat every student as an individual to be known and valued, deserving of attention and respect.


From our beautiful grounds, to the welcoming atmosphere throughout the School, Prebendal is a wonderful place to maximise childhood experiences.


Giving pupils the self-belief they need to achieve their best is what we do best, and our exceptional pastoral care is something we are hugely proud of.

  • Exceptional teaching from dedicated, enthusiastic, talented and inspiring staff
  • Specialist subject teachers with a focus on preparation for Common Entrance, Scholarship, CASE and beyond
  • Our curriculum is broad, progressive and balanced

Beneath the school’s umbrella of praise and encouragement the progress of each pupil’s learning is closely and regularly monitored. Parents are informed through formal written reports, attainment and effort grades and meetings as well as informal consultations should specific concerns arise.

Pastoral Care

The happiness and mental health of our pupils is of paramount importance. While great emphasis is placed on academic achievement and physical development, the moral, social and spiritual growth of each child is regarded as equally imperative. Our ethos of courtesy, kindness, compassion and consideration of others is a way of life for the entire Prebendal community, thus creating an environment that actively promotes positivity, friendship and trust.

The Form Teacher is a regular point of contact for the pupils. Speaking to the children daily, encouraging achievement and praising both good behaviour and hard work, they will also be aware of any issues around friendships and behaviour. Working closely with the Deputy Head, any arising issues are identified and dealt with sensitively and promptly.

Our House System

Each pupil belongs to one of four Houses – Luffa, Neville, Seffrid or Sherborne. Each House is led by a Head of House along with a team of teachers and there is also a House pupil Captain. The Houses meet regularly and participate in a variety of Inter-House competitions throughout the year.

After School Clubs

Our clubs run every day after school and pupil participation in these is strongly encouraged. The clubs vary from term to term and they include such clubs as Camera Club, Touch Typing Club, Music Theory, Maths Club, Squash, Girls’ Soccer, Dodgeball Club, Chess Club, French Enrichment Club, Othello Club, Creative Club, Netball Club, Science Clinic, Lego & Model Club, Forestry Club, Geography Club, Fencing Club, Rugby League Club, Basketball Club and Drama Club.

Sport For All

Our playing fields are in an enviable location in the centre of Chichester for all our pupils to enjoy Games sessions, matches, team-work & camaraderie!
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