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Hi, my name is Alex. I had been at school abroad nearly all my life and only had one year, Year 8, to get ready for 13+ Common Entrance exams and senior school.

The Prebendal is a very friendly school and you get to know everyone really quickly. I liked the way the pupils were friends across the year groups and everyone played together. Also, the teachers all know you so it's a much more personal experience.

I gained so much confidence in my musical journey and I achieved many things including getting 144 in my Grade 8 cello exam. I also completed my Grade 8 piano and then won a Music Scholarship to Eton. I remember the first time I performed in the Cathedral - it was scary but exhilarating at the same time! I played in lots of events and around and about Chichester. I also sang in the Chamber Choir and we did Evensong services in the Cathedral which were very special.

The Prebendal is a friendly and busy school where you are encouraged to try everything and participate as much as you can. I was welcomed and happy from day one and I'll never forget my time there!

"In just one year, the tailored support at The Prebendal meant I gained an outstanding Common Entrance result and got into my first choice school." Alex

Alex won the 2017 Portsmouth Music Festival having won the cello and string section and, as his prize, he performed a cello concerto with the Solent Symphony Orchestra in 2018.

He follows in the footsteps of former Prebendalian, Phoebe Pexton, who also won a few years ago and was awarded the same privilege.

Hello, I'm Matt and I found The Prebendal to be a very caring school that is able to get the best out of pupils thanks to its smaller class sizes. I felt very comfortable being there because it wasn't too large. 

I gained a Sports Scholarship to Lancing College. My main sport is cricket which I am passionate about. I hope to play it professionally one day and I train all year round to fulfil this ambition. I will be training with a county U16 team after I've completed by GCSEs. I'm also a football and hockey goalkeeper.

I enjoyed Religious Studies at The Prebendal as the teacher made the subject come alive. I also enjoyed Latin as I was on a very average level but I achieved an A* for Common Entrance. I really enjoyed the very friendly environment at The Prebendal and playing Sports most days. The teachers helped me out enormously for my next school and I made the perfect choice by going to Lancing College.


Poppy Ewence 1

Poppy Ewence

Poppy Ewence

Hi, I'm Poppy and I left The Prebendal in 2005. For me, the greatest memories are the beautiful buildings, the inspiring teachers and you were actively encouraged to take part in every area of school life. I was very musically involved at Prebendal and to have the opportunity to perform weekly in the Cathedral from such a young age is an invaluable experience not only because of its history, but because it provides a brilliant introduction to the art of performance.

My advice to a new pupil just starting at The Prebendal is get involved in everything and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. You will make some fantastic friends for life and take in every moment as time will fly by.

Prebendal gave me a platform on which to develop as a musician - something that has played a major part in my career thus far. In addition, its foundations of good values and morals can be carried through all parts of life.

Prebendal truly is a unique school, steeped in tradition. Its environment encourages individuality and what makes it stand out is its eccentric mix of pupils, parents and staff who come together to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.



Mari Simpson 1

Mari Simpson

Hi, I'm Mari and I'm a former Prebendal parent. There are many things that made our time at the School so memorable. The location, of course, is one as the School is in the heart of a very beautiful city yet it feels quiet and calm in the shadow of the magnificent Cathedral which, amazingly, is used every day by the School for assemblies and concerts. We shall never forget the wonderful concerts and performance opportunities that our daughter had during her time at Prebendal.

Above all, the warm, supportive, family feel of the School is one of our abiding memories. The staff really got to know our daughter well and knew how to get the best out of her. She looks back with great fondness on her time at Prebendal and values the individual attention and support she received from the teachers as well as the camaraderie of her fellow classmates.

Prebendal certainly helped to increase our daughter's confidence. She achieved impressive Common Entrance results and grabbed every opportunity that was on offer from exciting school trips abroad to sailing courses on the south coast as well as giving some memorable musical performances. And, in her final year, she gained a Music Scholarship to the school of her choice.

If you want a school that offers excellent academic support with individual attention, that reinforces traditional values, has an emphasis on music and performance and is situated in a glorious setting, then choose Prebendal.


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