Our focus is simple. We deliver the best possible prep school education.

We want children at The Prebendal School to grow up with a love of learning and to succeed academically. But we also want to help children discover their strengths, uncover their passions and develop life skills.

  • a capacity for self-improvement 
  • resourcefulness 
  • demonstrate clear communication skills and share compelling ideas
  • creativity 
  • curiosity
  • effective oral and written communication

Our pupils embrace learning for its own sake and are excited by the connections which can be made between different experiences and areas of knowledge.

Your child is unique, and it is our job to get to know them as an individual, to nurture their talents and support them through any challenges. We deliver an all-round education that prepares children for their future. Equipping students with effective tools and strategies that help them to think critically and reason logically is essential preparation to meet the challenges of the 21st century. As children leave for the next stage of their education, they are ready and well equipped for whatever life brings.