Become a Chorister

When a girl or boy is accepted into the Choir, they begin a period of training and during this time they are known as a 'probationer'. This programme teaches them all he or she needs to know about being a Chorister.

Probationers usually start in Year 3 or Year 4 and they spend approximately a year as a probationer. The training continues, of course, when they become Choristers and they learn a range of transferable skills which will stay with them throughout their lives.

If you would like to find out more about being a Chorister, please email the Head, Mrs Napier, or call the school on 01243 772220. You can also find out about the Cathedral Choir on the Cathedral website.

In addition to the huge privilege of singing in Chichester Cathedral, the Choristers also get to board for four nights a week at The Prebendal and they go home on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. It is a lovely family atmosphere in the boarding house with other boarders who aren't Choristers and activities and events are held regularly. Chorister parents are pop into the boarding house during the evenings having heard the Choir sing and Chorister families are welcomed to lunch on Sundays. 

Chorister Finance

Choristers are appointed on their musical and vocal potential, regardless of financial circumstances. The Cathedral pays 25% of the full fees for every Chorister and, for those who need more assistance, further funds are available.

Applying for a bursary is a confidential and means-tested application process. Free piano tuition is also provided.


Who should I contact?

The director of the Choir is Charles Harrison. He is happy to chat to parents about what it means to be a Chorister and to arrange a meeting or an informal audition. He can be contacted on 01243 812486 or email


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