An Overview

Subject specialist teachers are used exclusively from Year 5 upwards and are equipped with the expertise to maximise the potential of each child. This means The Prebendal achieves excellent academic results year on year.

The progress of every pupil is closely monitored through a variety of assessments in addition to tests and exams. Parents are kept informed on a regular basis with comprehensive pupil reports at a number of stages throughout each term.

A fundamental aspect of education here is promoting personal and social development and children have PSHCE lessons. These help our pupils to shape their own identities, understand and accommodate difference and change as well as manage emotions, and communicate with others constructively.

Parents can request information on academic performance in the preceding school year.

Developing an understanding of themselves and empathy with others will help our pupils form and maintain positive relationships.



Curriculum Subjects Date  
ADT.pdf 27th Apr 2017 Download
English.pdf 27th Apr 2017 Download
French.pdf 27th Apr 2017 Download
Geography.pdf 27th Apr 2017 Download
History.pdf 27th Apr 2017 Download
Latin.pdf 27th Apr 2017 Download
Mathematics.pdf 27th Apr 2017 Download
Music.pdf 27th Apr 2017 Download
Religious Studies.pdf 27th Apr 2017 Download
Science.pdf 27th Apr 2017 Download

Sport For All

Our playing fields are in an enviable location in the centre of Chichester for all our pupils to enjoy Games sessions, matches, team-work & camaraderie!
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