At Prebendal, we firmly believe that academic success should be the by-product of a creative, stimulating and rounded education that provides our pupils with opportunities to develop skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

1:1 iPads
Pupils in Years 6 to 8 are using iPads as an additional tool to enrich their learning. They can also apply for the position of 'Digital Leader'. Successful pupils form a working party to provide staff training and classroom support with technology, and to test our new apps ahead of them being rolled out to the upper years.

Primary BLUE minPre-Senior Baccalaureate (PSB)
The PSB encourages strong partnerships between parents and schools that promote an understanding of how each individual child learns. At Prebendal, we continue to teach the Common Entrance syllabus because we believe it is excellent preparation for GCSE. However, the teaching is underpinned by the PSB core skills of Thinking and Learning, Reviewing and Improving, Communicating, Collaboration and Leadership. The PSB core skills are embedded in the lower end of the School in the form of the PSB Dinosaurs 'Challenge Rex', 'Chattersaurus', 'Exploratops' and 'Thinkadon'.

The Prebendal Extended Project (PEP)
This is part of the PSB and enables pupils to focus more on the joy of discovering and investigating things for themselves. A PEP could take the shape of a field study or investigation, cultivating research and analysis techniques and fostering a love for a subject area.

This is a programme of academic excellence for all pupils in Years 6-8. Pupils are grouped vertically and challenged with sessions appropriate to their stage. These sessions are designed to broaden perspectives, raise aspirations, and encourage pupils to think and articulate their ideas. Recent speakers to the Quadrivium series include Gillian Keegan MP and the Bishop of Chichester.

Beach School and Outdoor Learning
Beach School continues to be a highlight for our younger pupils. The construction of an outdoor classroom and amphitheatre, home to our Forestry Club, has ensured that outside learning is available within the school grounds and can be easily accessed by all year groups. 

A fundamental aspect of education here is promoting personal and social development so our pupils have PSHE lessons. These help the children shape their own identities, understand and accommodate difference and change, as well as managing emotions, and communicating with others constructively. 

Monitoring & Reports
Subject specialist teachers allow each child to maximise their potential and the progress of every pupil is closely monitored through a variety of assessments in addition to tests and exams. Parents are kept informed on a regular basis with comprehensive pupil reports at a number of stages throughout each term. Parents can also request information on academic performance in the preceding school year.

Our Aims
As we are the Cathedral Choir School for Chichester Cathedral, Christian values underpin all that we do and our aim is to foster the academic, physical, spiritual, social and moral development of boys and girls in a happy, caring and safe environment. We aim to achieve this by:

  • providing high standards of teaching for all pupils
  • providing high quality of learning for all pupils
  • providing a stimulating, disciplined & caring environment in which teachers can teach & pupils can learn
  • enriching the lives of pupils by providing a balanced timetable & a range of sporting, cultural and extra-curricular activities
  • caring for the specific individual needs of all pupils
  • striving to enable all pupils to achieve their full potential
  • supporting each other as members of a caring community.

Our Values
We believe that the quality of our pupils' learning and the atmosphere in which they spend these preparatory years will have an influence well beyond the time their schooldays are over. It is the quality of our teaching and our relationships which most influences our pupils' learning. Every child is unique and is of equal importance. Learning flourishes in an atmosphere where a high value is placed on praise, encouragement, courtesy and consideration for others.


Sport For All

Our playing fields are in an enviable location in the centre of Chichester for all our pupils to enjoy Games sessions, matches, team-work & camaraderie!
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