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With the new school year almost here, many of our families have questions about the school day, what teaching looks like at the moment, and how we will keep everyone safe.

Last updated 18th August 2021


These are either be pre-recorded or broadcast within school using Microsoft Teams, and will resume live in Chichester Cathedral as soon as possible.


Boarding and Flexi-Boarding will resume as normal from September 2021.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club will resume as normal from September 2021


Choristers resumed normal duties in the Spring of 2021, and this is expected to continue throughout the Autumn.


Cleaning has increased across the school, with particular attention being paid to toilets, classrooms and high-traffic areas.


Transmission of COVID-19 is more likely between adults, even those who have had two vaccinations. In order to protect staff and parents, where possible, communication should take place via email or telephone. Remote meetings (usually via Zoom) can be organised where appropriate.  Parents currently may not routinely enter the school site, but this is under constant review. We understand that face-to-face meetings are often necessary and will accommodate these as safely as possible.


Wehope that these will be able to resume in person from September 2021.

Drop-off and collection 

As was the case last year, parents will be unable to routinely enter the site. Pupils should be dropped at the double gates on West Street from 8am, where they will be met by a member of staff. Pre-Prep children will be met by a member of Pre-Prep staff familiar to them. Please ensure you adhere to social distancing guidelines. Pre-Prep hours and sessions remain as normal.


Clubs resumed in the Summer Term,. and we are expecting these to continue as normal from September 2021.


Years 6-8 should bring these in as usual, fully-charged. 


As per Government guidance, masks may not be worn in school for pupils in Years 6 and below. Year 7 and above, as well as all adults, should wear face masks when moving around the indoor areas of the school site. Masks will not be used during lessons unless a teacher or pupil is more comfortable doing so.


Lunches are eaten in the Dining Room following the strictest of safety procedures.


These may take place via Zoom or in person. Teaching rooms are cleaned appropriately.


We are aware that a small number of families split their 30 hour entitlement between us and another setting. Under most recent guidance, this is acceptable if you give permission for us to communicate with that setting regarding your child's health (and vice versa).


Matches resumed in the Summer Term. We continue to work together with our local schools to ensure any fixtures are safe.


If a pupil or a member of their household is showing any of the symptoms of COVID-19, they may not come into school. Any pupils developing symptoms at school will be isolated until they are collected. 


Full school uniform, as per the uniform list, should be worn.