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Creative Prebendal

Young children have a boundless enthusiasm for imaginative play and exploring their environment and it is important that this encouraged and developed as they progress through their school years.

At The Prebendal, we encourage our children to think creatively, be innovative, to solve problems, to adapt to change and to work together. These are all important life skills that need to be nurtured and we ensure that creativity and fun are key elements of our curriculum.

In English, we encourage creative thought and the ability to communicate through a variety of written forms. Children are allowed time to experiment with ideas and first drafts and this crafting process, common to all the arts, requires intense concentration and effort.

In Drama, our children are encouraged to explore sensory experiences, to produce spontaneous and polished improvisation, to develop theatrical skills and to work together with others. In Art, Design & Technology, our pupils produce stunning pieces of work from the youngest in our Pre-Prep department with drawing, painting, printing, collages and digital media through to our older children in the Prep School with studying different techniques, textiles, sculptures, graphic design and still life.

The Prebendal also offers peripatetic tuition for pupils wishing to explore and improve their skills in 'Speaking Verse & Prose' and 'Acting'. With a strong emphasis on building confidence, students explore poetry, prose, monologues and the technical theory required to understand and perform them. All participating pupils are offered the opportunity to take LAMDA examinations as part of their tuition. In the last six years, over 50 children have taken these exams at The Prebendal with a 100% pass rate and the majority of pupils achieving a Merit or a Distinction.

Being creative at The Prebendal is not confined to the creative arts subjects – it is instilled across the curriculum and is a central part of our educational philosophy. We want our pupils to think beyond the boundaries, be original and free-thinking, and constantly explore ideas across all the subjects.

Young Writer of the Year
We run a Young Writer of the Year competition every summer to encourage children to write imaginative and fascinating stories. The competition is open to children in Years 3 to 6 from The Prebendal and externally. Over the years, we have welcomed a number of special guests as our judge and guest at our awards ceremony, including the former Children's Laureate, Lauren Child. To see what kinds of stories we have been reading, take a look at this year's winning entries: Year 3 | Year 4 | Year 5 | Year 6.

It is important that children's creative ideas are valued and encouraged. Improved self-esteem, the thrill of acquiring new skills and the deep sense of satisfaction - these are all gained from creating an original piece of art, music, writing or drama, whether it has come from personal or collaborative efforts.

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